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"Escape from Latvia: My Father's Diary" is the story of Erika and Nikolajs Garais, young Latvians who escape their native Latvia to flee Soviet invaders.

Follow their struggles through first person diary entries spanning two years from the night they board a Belgian cargo ship on September 7, 1944.
Read about their families and backgrounds, then continue after the journal with poignant description of the relationships within the small family as it travels through Germany, England and, finally, Canada.
Learn about Erika and Nikolajs' lives beyond the war and how the experiences captured in the diary impacted the entire family as told by their youngest daughter.

This is a revealing and honest tribute to two survivors of DP camps in World War II Germany.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


"Escape from Latvia: My Father's Diary"

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Trešdiena 23.Maijs
Leokādija, Lonija, Leontīne, Ligija