Welcome to LatviesiAMERIKA.com

Here is Google translated version of our website.

LatviesiAMERIKA.com is a Website for Latvians and about Latvians in USA.

Website prime goal is to keep our native language, traditions and culture while living in US and become the Americans.

Website offer Latvian event calendar, news, classified section, yellow pages, internet link catalog, dating and other features.

Our visitors are Latvians:
    – who have recently migrated,
    – who have been born in America,
    – who have been living in America for many years,
    – as well as for those who are still only planning on visiting.

Borough and Census Tracts 2000 reported, that more than 88.000 Latvians live in the US. According to data on www.draugiem.lv, we estimate that there are over 12.758 recent Latvian immigrants in New York City and its suburbs.

Here is Google translated version of our website.


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