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February 2018 Newsletter 

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Latvians in the 2018 Olympics!
(going on now until 2/25)

Martins Dukurs – 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Skeleton
Projections say to watch the 4-Man Bobsled (led by Oskars Kibermanis) and Skeleton (Martins and Tomass Dukurs) events for Latvia’s best opportunity to medal!  
Schedule of events

While Latvia does not have any athletes in this year’s Paralympics (March 9-18), keep an eye out for cross-country skier, Kardo Ploomipuu, from Estonia!
Start Planning your visit to Riga!
In 2018 Latvia will be celebrating 100 years! While there are plenty of events happening all year long, you don’t want to miss the largest event:
XXVI Latvian Nationwide Song and XVI Dance Celebration
June 30 – July 8 

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The Song and Dance Celebration is the greatest cultural masterpiece of the Latvian people, and has withstood the test of time. The Celebration has become an event of national and international importance, bringing together people of different generations and uniting Latvians throughout the world.
Bring LRFA with you on your trip! 
Enroll in the

Accidents and unexpected illnesses are covered, whether you trip on the cobblestone streets or just indulge in far too many “piragi!” In honor of the celebration, we’ve kept the same low rates as last year. Stay tuned for special offers! 

Make the Medical Travel Plan part of your summer packing list.

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