Ziņas no Amerikas Latviešu Palīdzības Fonda
April/May 2018


Who came up with the 8-hour workday? 


You may not know this, but May 1st is known as Labour Day or International Worker’s Day and is marked with a public holiday in over 80 countries, including Latvia. Most countries celebrate on or about May 1st because in 1884 the American Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions demanded an eight-hour workday, to come in effect as of May 1, 1886. Europeans agreed! 
Summer Travel Plans are heating up!


Many people are headed to Latvia for the 100 year celebration at the Nationwide Song & Dance Celebration! You might already be buying plane tickets and booking hotels in preparation for your cultural experience. Don’t wait, as tickets to the main events are going fast! 


Tickets are available through “Bilesu Paradise” at more than 50 ticket outlets throughout Latvia and via their online store



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You won’t have to worry if an accident or illness is covered by your other insurance plan and can instead focus on having a great time! LRFA Members can sign up today with no additional registration fees and get the same low rates as last year! 

Non-LRFA members who enroll in the LRFA Travel Medical Plan before August 1, 2018 save $20off the enrollment fee!

(children under 18 save $10) 


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