Ziņas no Amerikas Latviešu Palīdzības Fonda
July 2018
Where will you be celebrating this July?
In the U.S. we are gearing up for July 4th Independence Day fireworks, while both Latvia and Lithuanian hold Nationwide Song & Dance Festivals that kick off on June 30th. Both countries are celebrating 100 years of independence in 2018!  
Watch videos below to learn more about these  
traditional Baltic festivals:
Expecting visitors from overseas?
Take lots of selfies! Rest assured that your international relatives will have medical coverage, should some unexpected illness or injury happen during their visit.

The LRFA Emergency Medical Plan for Visitors from Abroad protects non-US citizens from the high cost of medical bills if they get  sick or injured while visiting the United States. Medical coverage is important. Even basic emergency care can be veryexpensive.

This is not a health insurance policy, but a temporary travel medical plan to help LRFA members cover the unexpected medical costs of a visiting family member as a result of sudden accidents or illness.  
Find out about our low rates! As low as $45/month for adults. 
Questions? Contact Us!
ALPF   *    215-635-4137   *    info@LRFA.org    *     www.lrfa.org
Celebrate that special person with a unique Latvian-designed gift!
Donate to our Scholarship Fund!
With a donation of $35 or more, 
choose a unique gift for yourself 
or someone else, “sveiks un vesels
Your friends at LRFA 



Ja apmeklēsiet vai kontaktēsiet, lūdzu, atsaucieties uz portālu:www.LatviesiAMERIKA.com

Aicinām iesūtīt RAKSTUS, FOTO un VIDEO (YouTube site) no pasākumiem!
Rakstiet uz LatvianUSA@gmail.com

Amerikas un Kanādas LATVIEŠU centru, uzņēmumu u.c. pulcēšanās vietu karte uz Google Maps


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