Ziņas no Amerikas Latviešu Palīdzības Fonda
August 2018
Summer fun events are still happening 

You may be thinking about fall and back-to-school shopping, but there are still fun happenings to enjoy in August, including local carnivals, boating on the lake, or a swim in the ocean.
If you are traveling internationally, don’t forget our LRFA Travel Medical Plan. Our summer special rates end August 31st.
Stay Hydrated & Toast Your Good Health
Before heading outdoors, drink a full glass of water to build your reserves. Even when lounging by the pool, you need frequent water drinks. You can also hydrate with fruit, like watermelon, grapes, and oranges.
Remember to alternate those fun summertime cocktails with a full glass of water. When possible, dilute drinks with seltzer or mix in seasonal fruit to add water content.



What else can you do to stay healthy as summer wraps up?  
Start reviewing your health insurance coverage so that you know what options you have to protect yourself and your family.



Did you forget to sign up for the Summer Special rates for the  
LRFA Travel Medical Plan??? Click here for info before this offer ends on August 31st.

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