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Oktobris 2018
couple and dog in woodsFALL HEALTH TIPS
“As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, change is in the air. That’s what makes fall a great time for renewal and fresh starts. It’s time to fine-tune your health by making one or two small changes that yield big results.” (read more from WebMD)
What small steps can you take to improve your health and well-being?
GREAT NEWS for 65+!!! 
We are keeping our LRFA Medicare Supplemental Plan rates the same for 2019. That means NO INCREASE in your monthly payments. Lock in these low rates when you enroll for 2019.
You’ll receive a new Plan ID card to show providers as proof of your supplemental benefits.
Your answers to our 2018 survey:
  • 90% of members are happy with their LRFA plan and say it meets their needs
  • 97% rated our customer service as Good or Excellent
  • 97% say they will continue to use the LRFA Medicare Supplemental Plan
See our
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